THE PERFORMERS ( is a platform on which entertainers, artists, models, show concepts and services are presented and represented by On Stage Events.

Book an artist by the "BOOK THIS ARITST" button or simply send us an email using the "CONTACT" tab at the top of the page.

By clicking a category or discipline, or by entering an artist's or models' name, you are given a brief introduction or, optionally, a biography, references, and of course photos and videos.

‘The Performers’ does not restrict itself to presenting artists/models, however.

You will also find service providers in the world of entertainment, leisure and showbiz.

These visiting cards and capsules can help you in seeking appropriate performers for festivals, corporate events, parties, conventions, product launches, television appearances, as well as private events.

All presented performers were carefully selected and all have been granted the O.S.E. quality label.

(Some show concepts and performers are more geared to an adult audience due to the nature of the act).

Many Performers are multi-talented, and you will come across them in several categories.


As a member of the European Circus Association (ECA) and founder of the Belgian Circus Association (BCA),

On Stage Events is heavily involved in the circus business and the preservation and promotion of the circus arts.

Specific (inter)national circus acts and artists can also be booked via The Performers.


Would you like more information, a tailor-made suggestion or an original show concept?

Then simply click on "Book this Performer” or go to ‘Contact’ and fill in the form, and we will send you a detailed proposal.


THE PERFORMERS… much more than you ever could imagine!


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