Diego García and Elena Vives

Diego García and Elena Vives


  • Acrobat - 
  • Actor - 
  • Actress - 
  • Aerial Acrobat - 
  • Multiple disciplines - 
  • Circus acts
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Diego García and Elena Vives created their duo in 2007. Since this year they have been

performing in different companies of dance, theatre, cabaret, magic and circus.

They have been part of the cast of “Monaco ou les amants du Rocher” of Cirque Eloize

(2015, Canada) performing Elena a main character. They have performed in FINA 2017

closing ceremony with the company Recircle (Budapest). They have worked with Yllana

(2017), Cirque de Noel (2016, France), Quimera (Spain, 2016), The Hole (Spain, 2015-

2017), 7 rojo producciones (Spain-Hong-Kong, 2008-2016), La Fábrica de Sueños

(Spain, 2010-2017), Kaleido (Spain-Tailand-Marrakech, 2011-2014), Perfordance,


(Spain-Chile-Republica Dominicana, 2011-2015), Ibérica de Danzq (Spain, 2015), Ale-

Hop (Spain, 2011-2017), Productores de Sonrisas (Spain, 2015-2016), Richard bros


Circus (Spain, 2007-2008), Cirque Nouvel (2012-2014, Austria)

In 2016 they created with two more performers the company “La Gata Japonesa”

premiering their first show “Lumières Foraines” in 2017

Both have a degree in Physical Activity and Sports (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)

and a Master in Performing Arts (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos).

They began their training in circus in a self-taught way. After that they received

workshop in Spain, London and Montreal with Sebastián Afonso, Cristiano Mailhos,

Adil Rida, Jonathan Fortín, Nadia Richer and Michael Lanphear (as Coach of Cirque


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